Not Before Time - Ken Wilson

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Recorded at Shoebox Studios, Newcastle.

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This album is a collection of songs, some of which I have been singing for the past 33 years and others I have collected along the way. As a young lad back in the seventies, going to my first folk clubs and festivals I was heavily influenced by all these songs that I hadn't heard before and the style they were being sung in by the likes of Fred Jordan, The Watersons, Swan Arcade, Martin Carthy, Peter Bellamy, to name but a few.

I could go on but undoubtedly the greatest impact on me, was the late, great Tony Rose. In my mind, the finest singer of folk songs I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. He is sadly missed. As a member of the Wilson Family, I have recorded many times over the years but this is the first time I have entered a recording studio to record a solo album. As the album title, Not Before Time suggests, I have been told on numerous occasions by friends and family, not least by my beloved partner Chris, that I should record these songs.

So, I dedicate this album to Chris and our collective family Adam, Lee, Barrie, Alan and Sian, whom I love dearly. Special thanks to Barrie & Ingrid Temple, for their kind words of encouragement prior to and during this recording.

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Track List

  1. Rose of Britain's Isle
  2. Lovely on the Water
  3. Trimdon Grange*
  4. A Sailor's Life
  5. Children of the Earth*
  6. Twas in One April Morning
  7. Weary Whaling Ground
  8. Bampton Fair*
  9. Tom the Barber
  10. You won't get me down in your Mine*
  11. The Royal Oak
  12. Salisbury Plain
  13. Chemical Worker's Song*
  14. Sleep Well*
  15. Ye Mariners All
  16. Poor Fellows*
  17. Little Fighting Chance
  18. Courting is a Pleasure
  19. Palaces of Gold*